Temperature Prayer Shawl...A knitting recipe.

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Super excited about this inspiration, and meditation.

It is a way to tune into what is happening each day. Every stitch is a prayer.

The math formula or recipe is to find the average high temp for your location. based on high temps for the day- all Fahrenheit. I put 4 colors on each side of the average. and divided them up. Hoping all colors will end up being represented over the year.

The average temp in Mt Shasta is 65 degrees. I chose to use 5 degree increments on either side of the average and then increase to 10 degree increments.

Using eight colors- the rainbow plus white.
twill- (white)- below 40
sugar coated (purple)- 40-49
tomboy (indigo)- 50-59
vintage icebox (blue)- 60-64
chlorophyll (green)- 65-69
maizyday (yellow)- 70-79
zest (orange)- 80-89

peep toes (red) 90 and above

I am using fingering weight yarn on size 8 needles.

cast on 108 stitches- (prayer mala) knit a rib of choice for 1/2 inch

-each 2 rows (stocking knit- knit then purl)...garter edge of 2 stitches.
will happen according to the temp of the day.

eyelet row for the 1st of each month.
(k2, yo, ssk)

I am using this website to track the weather

link to past weather forecasts

at the end of the year I will post a picture of the final result.

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