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Flower and gem essences are liquid potentized plant and mineral remedies which convey a distinct imprint or etheric pattern of a specific flower or gem. They are completely natural, very safe, and highly effective with no side effects. They derive their powers from the inherent life forces within substances. These Holistic remedies interweave spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of wellness. They address the subtle realm where thoughts and feelings emanate.

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Flower and Gem Essences
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Angelica For spiritual guidance & protection Ideal for times of difficult transition as birth or death Connection to Inner self Ingredients: flower essence in brandy & pure Mt. Shasta spring water Elderflower To impart inner strength and to increase self esteem Ideal for times of change and challenge & when in need of courage & fortitude Ingredients: flower essence In brandy & pure Mt. Shasta spring water Indian Paintbrush For integrating creative & physical energy Dispels lethargy &...