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These Premiums, are blended exclusively by Andrea from exceptional, and in some instances, scarce ingredients. Always dilute the oils properly.

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Premium Essential Oils
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Available as pure essential oil or jojoba dilution in special roll-on bottle ready for wear Amma Divine blessings from the mother Ingredients: rose, frankincense & sandalwood Harmony For harmonious healthy hormones Ingredients: clary sage, ylang ylang & bergamot Joie D' Vie The joy of life Ingredients: rose, jasmine & ginger Joli Pure joy and happiness in a bottle Ingredients: lime, jasmine & sandalwood Lushess... Purely edible yumminess !!! Ingredients: rose, blood orange, cocoa & nutmug...

Sacred Premium Essential Oil
Price: $45.00-$108.00
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pure essential oils of white sage, copal, palo santo & cedar