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Use as a room spray or simply spray yourself. All mister sprays contain pure Mt. Shasta spring water, essential oils, pure grain alcohol & *flower essences.

* Flower essences are liquid potentized plant remedies which convey a distinct imprint, or etheric pattern of a specific flower. They are completely natural, very safe and highly effective with no side effects. They derive their powers from the inherent life forces within substances. These Holistic remedies interweave spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of wellness. They address the subtle realm where thoughts and feelings emanate.

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Premium Misters
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Amma Divine blessings from the mother Ingredients: rose, frankincense & sandalwood Celebration For cheerful conscious common-unity Ingrediants: fir needle, cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla & frankincense. Joie D' Vie The joy of life Ingredients: rose, jasmine & ginger Joli Pure joy and happiness in a bottle Ingredients: lime, jasmine & sandalwood Lushess... Purely edible yumminess !!! Ingredients: rose, blood orange, cocoa & nutmug Mastery Pure nectar of the gods. Ingredients: blood orange, fir balsam...

Sacred Premium Mister
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Smokeless smudge to cleanse thyself & thy space before ceremony Ingredients: essential oils of white sage, copal, palo santo & cedar in organic spirits and pure Mt Shasta waterbottled in a special collectors item green bottle