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    1st Chakra - ROOT - MULADHARA ($40)
    2nd Chakra - SACRUM - SWADHISTHANA ($55)
    3rd Chakra - SOLAR PLEXUS - MANIPURA ($55)
    4th Chakra - HEART - ANAHATA ($55)
    5th Chakra - THROAT - VISSUDHA ($55)
    6th Chakra - BROW - AJNA ($40)
    7th Chakra - CROWN - SAHASRARA ($80)

    MULADHARA - 1st Chakra - ROOT

    "I am here. I have." - For self-preservation, survival & grounding w/ Garnet
    Ingredients: rosewood, patchouli, myrrh, vetiver, allspice, ylang ylang & oakmoss

    SWADHISTHANA - 2nd Chakra - SACRUM

    "I feel." - For self gratification, sexuality & emotional identity w/ Tiger's Eye
    Ingredients: blood orange, jasmine- sambac, grandiflorium & juhi, sandalwood, nutmeg, ginger & massoia bark

    MANIPURA - 3rd Chakra - SOLAR PLEXUS

    "I act." - For self-definition, will, power & assertiveness w/ Citrine
    Ingredients: neroli, lemon, cedar, mandarin, grapefruit, peppermint & fennel

    ANAHATA - 4th Chakra - HEART

    "I love." - For self-acceptance, love, compassion & balance w/ Rose Quartz
    Ingredients: roseotto, morrocco & Bulgarian, ylang ylang, geranium, bergamot & green tea

    VISSUDHA - 5th Chakra - THROAT

    "I speak. I am heard." - For self-expression, communication & creativity w/ Aquamarine
    Ingredients: eucalyptus, cypress, sandalwood, blue tansy, blue & roman chamomile

    AJNA - 6th Chakra - BROW

    "I see." - For self-reflection, intuition & imagination w/ Lapis Lazuli
    Ingredients: mugwort, clary sage, rosemary, lavender, holy basil & violet leaf

    SAHASRARA - 7th Chakra - CROWN

    "I know." - For self-knowledge, bliss & understanding w/ Amethyst
    Ingredients: white & blue lotus, frangipani, frankincense, neroli, lavender & angelica

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    AJNA - 6th Chakra - BROW Chakra Essential Oil

    Each time I spray, the scent inspires! This essence does open and activate the chakra. Plus, it's made with love for sure.

    SWADHISTHANA - 2nd Chakra - SACRUM Chakra Essential Oil

    This is the scent that made me an HBT lover forever...the deep woody floral blend is beyond compare...sooo luscious. Prepare for takeoff into scentual bliss. There aren't enough stars in the rating chart for this awesome oil!