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    Amber Activation Oil Perfume sample ($7)
    Amber Activation Oil Perfume 2ml ($22)
    Amber Activation Oil Perfume 5ml roll-on ($44)
    Amber Activation Oil Perfume 9ml ($55)
    Amber Activation Oil Perfume 1oz ($108)
    Magic Perfume sample ($7)
    Magic Perfume 100ml spray cologne ($45)
    Magic Perfume 7ml roll-on ($50)
    Manifest Perfume sample ($7)
    Manifest Perfume 100ml spray cologne ($45)
    Manifest Perfume 7ml roll-on ($50)
    Mystic Perfume sample ($7)
    Mystic Perfume 100ml spray cologne ($45)
    Mystic Perfume 7 ml perfume roll-on ($50)

    Amber Activation Oil Perfume

    ~ A spiritual warrior medicine~

    plant extracts and resins revered by ancestral traditions in ceremony and ritual for intergalactic alignment while keeping you rooted to mother earth

    agarwood, pink lotus, frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver, myrrh, vanilla, styrax, patchouli, tolu, nagarmotha, massoia, benzoin, ambreine, amyris, spikenard, muhuhu with jojoba & love

    Magic Perfume

    with fresh earthy tones to invoke the magical

    Ingredients: notes of litsea, lavender, cedar, clary sage, oakmoss & vetiver in organic spirits

    Manifest Perfume

    with rich cosmopolitan tones to invoke manifestations

    notes of lime, cedar, frankincense, sandalwood, oakmoss & tobacco in organic spirits

    Mystic Perfume

    with deep spicy tones to invoke mysticism

    notes of cedar, bergamot, blood orange, black pepper, cardamom, frankincense, amber & patchouli in organic spirits

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Amber Activation Oil Perfume

    All of Andrea's magical perfume mixtures are some of the best things I've ever smelled. Floating away on a cloud of delicious, almost edible smells are some of my best and favorite times. I highly recommend any of her perfumes! Nothing but love in a bottle, I say.