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    7ml roll-on in jojoba ($222)
    2ml pure essential oil ($360)

    Available as pure essential oils or

    jojoba dilution in special roll-on bottles ready for wear

    MULADHARA - 1st Chakra - ROOT

    "I am here. I have." - For self-preservation, survival & grounding w/ Garnet
    Ingredients: rosewood, patchouli, myrrh, vetiver, allspice, ylang ylang & oakmoss

    SWADHISTHANA - 2nd Chakra - SACRUM

    "I feel." - For self gratification, sexuality & emotional identity w/ Tiger's Eye
    Ingredients: blood orange, jasmine- sambac, grandiflorium & juhi, sandalwood, nutmeg, ginger & massoia bark

    MANIPURA - 3rd Chakra - SOLAR PLEXUS

    "I act." - For self-definition, will, power & assertiveness w/ Citrine
    Ingredients: neroli, lemon, cedar, mandarin, grapefruit, peppermint & fennel

    ANAHATA - 4th Chakra - HEART

    "I love." - For self-acceptance, love, compassion & balance w/ Rose Quartz
    Ingredients: roseotto, morrocco & Bulgarian, ylang ylang, geranium, bergamot & green tea

    VISSUDHA - 5th Chakra - THROAT

    "I speak. I am heard." - For self-expression, communication & creativity w/ Aquamarine
    Ingredients: eucalyptus, cypress, sandalwood, blue tansy, blue & roman chamomile

    AJNA - 6th Chakra - BROW

    "I see." - For self-reflection, intuition & imagination w/ Lapis Lazuli
    Ingredients: mugwort, clary sage, rosemary, lavender, holy basil & violet leaf

    SAHASRARA - 7th Chakra - CROWN

    "I know." - For self-knowledge, bliss & understanding w/ Amethyst
    Ingredients: white & blue lotus, frangipani, frankincense, neroli, lavender & angelica