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Andrea Shanti is a master herbalist and proprietor of Holistic Body Therapy, an internationally distributed line of wild-crafted and plant-based health products. Certified in shamanic studies, yoga, and massage, Andrea leads classes in creative empowerment, natural medicine, knitting, art, massage & breathwork

Holistic Body Therapy

Hourly rate for services- talks- tours- $108

14 years living in Mt ShastaExtensive knowledge of the area


Soul Scent- 

Open your visionary pathways and balance your energy centers while you experiment with plant extracts in the form of essential oils, CO2 extracts, and resins--all of these part of a natural perfume. Discover the deep, woody base notes, the flowery heart notes, and the light citrusy top notes of your favorite scent. Allow your most primal sense to awaken your heart’s truest manifestation on canvas. Every participant will have the chance to create their own natural perfume with Andrea’s guidance.

Individual- $300

Group discounts- $100 each 3-8 people9+ = $80each

Cultivating Conscious Transformation:Discover yourself through everyday ritual Recognize the power of daily activities and rituals that shape new mindsets. Intentionally choose or change cues that support healthy habits by identifying your personal key to cultivate a fulfilled life.1-2 hours class

Mitote Ceremony-

The Mitote Ceremony is a Way to challenge Limiting Beliefs of PossibilityThe mitote ceremony is a sacred ritual in dreaming performed through the night. It has been passed down through the various Toltec lineages as a means to transform ones personal dream. It impacts the participant on multiple dimensions.

Minimum 12 people- $88 each


Firewalking is an ancient healing ritual that has been practiced for centuries throughout the world. It has re-emerged in the Western culture as a practice for people who are exploring consciousness and personal power. Today over 200,000 people in the U.S. have walked on fire as a means of overcoming fear and limitedbelief systems , as an affirmation of our capacity to tap one’s inner source of energy. The ability of ordinary people to walk over 1200 degree coals without getting burned is a dramatic and life-altering example that one's attitude can greatly affectone's interactions with the world.The firewalk at the end of the seminar is completely optional. Even if you do not walk, this empowering seminar will change your life and open your mind to your unlimited potential.

Cost varies on season- $50- $150 per person (3-4 hours)