Soul Sense

Engage Your Senses to Discover You!

Retreat in Mount Shasta, California

July 8TH- 13TH, 2018

This workshop offers a sacred space to discover the power of natural living to center you in conscious awareness. With guidance, you’ll create art, crafts and natural medicine inspired by your own personal aspiration. Maybe you want to bring self-acceptance and compassion into your daily life. Maybe you’d like to ignite your intuition and imagination. Something made by hand is a powerful catalyst, reminder, and building block of vitality and flourishing.

Wellness begins as a state of mind and heart. Stress and burnout, past trauma, or habitual negativity may challenge our vitality. By cultivating a practice of intentional wellness we build a foundation for self-healing and transformation. As every individual chooses to amplify gratitude, forgiveness, and compassionate relationships, we invite wellness into our lives and spread positive change throughout our immediate and larger worlds. We will support you in honing your ability to tune into your personal experience of unfolding to support the embodiment of sensuality in unique ways. We view sensuality as a body’s experience of co-regulation with the natural world, the inner world, and with other humans.

Explore your soul through your senses and allow its true discovery.

Through guided sensory activities, you will create a portal of connection to your inner spirit and artist. Revel in yourself and uncover the tools that reveal the path of self-discovery and artistic development!

Open your visionary pathways and balance your energy centers while you experiment with massage, plant medicine, sound healing, arts and crafts. Allow your most primal sense to awaken your heart’s truest manifestation.

Mt. Shasta is one of the best places to immerse yourself in the healing waters and visit many of her gorgeous landscapes. Mt. Shasta is a revered area of California, known for the majesty of the natural surroundings which create year round outdoor experiences. Hiking in the warmer months, snow sports in the colder months, lakes to visit, flowers to gather--the Shasta Valley equally invites the adventure sports lover and the wildflower collector.

This retreat will be FUN!

Bring your kids! This retreat is all ages--give your children the tools to live a life connected to spirit and joy. Learning the practice of paying attention to their senses of what feels fun, what relationship feels like, how to enhance happiness will be a skill your child can utilize for the rest of their lives. Starting early to support them in tuning into their inner selves, as well as the natural world, emboldens them to find their voice and connection to self and spirit.

All supplies will be provided.

You will go home with a custom Soul Scent, a variety of arts and crafts made by you, new skills and a pathway to empowerment.

NO prior experience or skills needed.

Relax and let us!

This retreat will be fully catered by a local chef who can accommodate all food preferences/sensitivities. Food will be seasonal, local, organic produce and meats. Each day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided.

Massage therapy will be available on site.

Daily Schedule

Sun July 8th

8-10pm Arrival and Opening Circle

Mon July 9th- Thurs 12th

We will begin each day with an optional meditation and yoga time, followed by a delicious breakfast. An activity devoted to one of the senses (massage, perfume, crafting, sound healing) will be experienced after nourishing yourself. Lunch each day, then we will take in afternoons resplendent with visits to rivers, lakes, mineral springs, waterfalls--all the beauty that Shasta has to offer. Relaxation, resting and self reflection time is always available. There will be dinner, followed by crafting time and talks (Jade Egg & self care) and bonfires under the Shasta starry sky.

Fri July 13th

Gratitude and closing circle

Andrea Shanti

is a master herbalist and proprietor of Holistic Body Therapy, an internationally distributed line of wild-crafted and plant-based health products. Certified in shamanic studies, yoga, and massage, Andrea leads classes in creative empowerment and natural medicine.

WHO LIVES IN MOUNT SHASTA? The Mount Shasta area draws a lively spectrum of folks from all walks of life and age groups. One thing that is prevalent in the community is a love of nature and an interest in tapping into larger patterns of the natural world. The joy of sunbathing on a hot rock and then diving into a emerald pool of pristine alpine water is magical! Many tales have been told about the mountain, as it is a destination for mystics, gurus, sages and curious people from all over the world. Those who live here will tell you stories of encounters with the alien race, the Lemurians, the hidden city of Telos, Saint Germaine and alien landings. People report a certain feeling that comes with being in the presence of Mount Shasta’s special energy vortex. Ancient cultures considered these vortices portals to a higher dimension of consciousness. It blesses those who live here, reminding them to live with gratitude, humility and an earthly sense of majesty.

MOUNT SHASTA AND THE ROOT CHAKRA Mount Shasta is often seen as representing the root chakra of Mother Earth. Some of the keywords for the root chakra or muladhara, are survival, security, support, stability, courage, grounding, and self-healing. These themes are resonant for me in my experience of living here for many years. When I say that I feel grounded in my body on this earth, I mean that I feel centered and balanced no matter what's going on around me. I believe I have strengthened my spiritual awareness about my physical being, increasing my ability to understand what nourishes and nurtures me. The community that gathers near Mount Shasta fosters expressions of individuality as well as a feeling of belonging, which are aspects of a healthy root chakra. The root chakra is connected to the pursuit of sensuality, as it is the base of support for life. A flower is able to bloom to its fullest potential with strong roots.

THE SENSES We are beings who interact with the world through our senses, and this interaction determines our perception of reality. When we explore the world with other humans, we heighten our ability to perceive the truth and beauty that is not only around us, but within us.

There is a misunderstanding that when a human reaches a certain age, we ‘have all of the brain cells/neural networks that we will get for our lifetime.’ This is not accurate. Our brains have plasticity that allows the development of new neural pathways. Certain sensory inputs actually activate this capacity, the experience of SMELL being one of them! Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm states, “Certain sections of the brain are especially responsive to neural restructuring, among these the olfactory bulb. … In response to expanded gating or incoming environmental inputs of particular kinds, the plasticity and neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb escalates considerably, with new neural networks forming in response.”

The effect of essential oils is a reminder of our connection with the plant kingdoms. Essential oils are the refined and distilled elements of a plant’s immune and reproductive system, and they work directly on our own systems to heal. Inhaling the perfumed vapors of an essential oil positively impacts our immune systems with the wisdom of millions of years of plant evolution. In our time together, we will be experimenting with essential oils, crafting a personal scent and paying attention to the shifts that we experience when inhaling the oils.


In our technological world, children are passively absorbing sensory stimuli through a digital screen. It is imperative that our children are encouraged to play and practice using all of their senses to support them in defining their understanding of themselves. Children should be given the gift of experiencing the majesty of their creative selves, the beauty of their exquisite home planet, and their companionship with other living beings. Learning alongside their parent will strengthen the bonds and enliven that relationship. Teach your children to make something with their hands gives the gift of deep joy and satisfaction. Mastering this skill will boost their self-esteem and sense of worthiness that every human needs in order to thrive.

What's the Jade Egg for and why is everybody talking about it?

Jade eggs are semi-precious stones carved into egg shapes and polished to a glossy shine. These eggs are invited into the yoni (vagina) and worn there throughout the day or night, for as long as is comfortable, typically up to 12 hrs.

The jade stone has many beneficial properties, and is known to be a heart opening, detoxifying, and grounding stone that is very nourishing for the total well being, physically and energetically. Physically, holding or “wearing” the stone for any period of time strengthens and reconnects a woman to her body; her sacred feminine essence; her creative center. Maintaining a relationship with this deep,soft place in ourselves is very healing and empowering, and spreads a juicy, vibrant energy throughout every area of our lives.

Isn't it just intensified kegel?

Your jade egg provides feedback when doing a Kegel exercise. However, there are actually two more muscle bands higher up in the cervix, and eventually, with practice and patience, we can become aware of places that a kegel does not show us. Working with crystals in the most receptive area of our body is also profound, much different from a kegel. we also are passively massaging acupressure points in the cervix, which a kegel cannot do.

Why are people talking about it as if it's something spiritual?

The jade egg practice is an opportunity to shift how we live; how we are with ourselves, all of the time. Whether we are looking for a physical practice, or emotional support/ grounding, we will find other dimensions to who we are by being more present with our bodies. This can feel like a new, more spiritual connection to our sexuality & creative life force. Intention is everything; the jade egg practice is no different.