Soul Portraits Painting and Yoga Retreat

With Autumn Skye Morrison

Dragon’s Lodge, Gabriola Island, British Columbia

Sunday April 23 - Sunday April 30, 2017

Sept 24th-29th
Soul Sense- Discover Yourself Thru Essential Plant Alchemy
Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA

The light of compassion opens the petals of the heart. When the petals of the heart unfold fragrance spreads across the valley. –Amit Ray

“Wellness begins as a state of mind and heart,” writes Andrea Shanti. “Stress and burnout, past trauma, or habitual negativity may challenge our vitality. By cultivating a practice of intentional wellness we build a foundation for self-healing and transformation. As every individual chooses to amplify gratitude, forgiveness, and compassionate relationships (and minimizes negativity and toxic environments), we invite wellness into our lives and spread positive change throughout our immediate and larger worlds.”

This workshop offers a sacred space to discover the power of plant medicine to center you in intentional wellness. With Andrea’s guidance, you’ll create an individualized natural essence inspired by your own personal aspiration. Maybe you want to bring self-acceptance and compassion into your daily life. Maybe you’d like to ignite your intuition and imagination. A personalized potion is a powerful catalyst, reminder, and building block of vitality and flourishing.

Activities for the week include:

• Introduction to plant alchemy, including the differences between essences, essential oils, and extracts, and their health and wellness properties

• Group and individual exercises and creative rituals to help formulate your personal intention

• Sacred space in the Esalen garden for exploration, reflection, and harvest

• Experiential journey of making your personal wellness potion

The group will bring mindful attention to the subtle energies and processes at work in the Esalen garden and beyond. This workshop supports all who desire connection with the sublime center of self, a creative process of plant alchemy, and deep self-renewal. Materials fee will cover bottles, oils, and other supplies, and a custom notebook of botanical and wellness information, with space for your notes and reflections.

($108 materials fee will be added to the cost of the workshop)