Intentional Wellness

Wellness is a matter of choice as much as it is a matter of consciousness. Although genetics and exploitative natural resource management perpetuated by a petroleum-based economy presents challenges to wellness, once acknowledged and embraced we can individually and collectively overcome the environmental and hereditary obstacles to achieving optimum health and vitality.

As with most everything, wellness begins as a state of heart-mind. If we choose to educate and empower ourselves to overcome victim consciousness, then we begin to see Earth as a miraculous, resilient organism that supports a diverse array of miraculous and resilient species, for whom, anything is possible.

As a member of Earth's most high-impact species, it is imperative that we intentionally humanifest wellness in ourselves, our families and our communities for the greater healing of our planet. Each one of us is a microcosm of wellness reflecting overall planetary wellness.

We have the most control over personal wellness. It is no mistake that we feel best when we feel healthy. Feelings drive our motivation. It is our default human nature to be vibrant healthy beings. As every individual chooses to amplify gratitude, positive thoughts, whole organic foods, clean environments, exercise, authentic people, genuine play, forgiveness and compassionate relationships while we intentionally minimize negative thoughts, processed foods, toxic environments, fossil fuel consumption, stress, material-based happiness and ego-centric expectations, we invite wellness into our lives and we spread health and vitality throughout our immediate and expanded worlds.

Holistic Body Therapy is committed to facilitating self-healing and wellness in the individual as true health is an ongoing process, not a destination, which requires empowered individuals who nurture their wellness on a consistent basis. All of the products and services offered through Andrea and HBT are designed with this intention.