Andrea Shanti, NCTMB, C.M.T., mother, Holistic Practitioner

Andrea Shanti is a mother, a healer and herbal alchemist extraordinaire. With the confidence of a Goddess, Andrea relies upon her physical and intuitive senses to collaborate with natural rhythms, and produces Shasta region’s finest in herbal body-care products.

Continually awakening to her own place in the cosmic order, Andrea inspires and facilitates self-healing in the body-mind-spirit of her clients and community. 

Her hands, head and heart unite to embody and radiates joyous health
and beauty through plant-based therapies and luxurious scentuality.

The majority of her practice has been private, specializing in athletes and women. Andrea has training in Swedish massage, sports massage, Thai medical massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, hydrotherapy, reflexology, yoga, breathwork, meditation, polarity, reiki, on-site chair massage, myofacial release, addictions recovery, pregnancy massage, and infant massage.

Andrea works with her clients to increase a feeling of focus and relaxation in their healing process. She uses various methods of massage therapy, bodywork, yoga techniques, energy balancing and plant wisdom to increase awareness of the mind- body-soul connection and to promote self-healing.

Over the last twelve years Andrea has apprenticed with world-renowned herbalists: Christopher Hobbs; Kami McBride at the Living Awareness Institute; and Robin Martin of Olala Farms to whom she attributes much of her alchemical wisdom.

While expanding her external alchemy practice and business, Andrea broadened her shamanic studies with her mentors Peggy Dylan at Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education and Heather Ash at the Toltec Center for Creative Intent.

Andrea is gifted with heightened sensual perception, categorical precision and the intuition to serve the benefit of all sentient beings. She embraces her human-ness in the spiritual path, and encourages all to please the senses and fulfill earthly desires as we aspire to reach more reflective states of oneness.

Andrea lives with her husband and 2 sons in Mount Shasta, where she directs her rapidly expanding Holistic Body Therapy business and is anchoring down the HOME node in Northern California.