Plucktober 2015...a knitting marathon.

October 2015 was a special month for me in a new way. I brought knitting to a new level in my life and actually knitted every day of the month. The first 3 days were actually the biggest part of the marathon and I knitted up to 10 hours each day staying up til almost 3am two nights in a row finishing a sweater I had starting in the previous months but was only a short way in. I was also finishing a fabulous audiobook so the combo was dangerous for my sleep pattern.

My motivation was participating in what was called Plucktober. I have been part of an on-line knitting community called Ravelry for a few years now. It is a fabulous networking site for all knitters, crocheters or anyone who works with fiber and love to create handmade projects. Plucktober was created by my current favorite yarn company/ dyer called The Plucky Knitter. They are an indie business phenomenon that has a cultist following. To say I love their yarn is an understatement. I have been thoroughly inspired/obsessed by their yarn and it has become my latest "must have ALL the colors, weights AND bases" to fill the entire rainbow spectrum of creative potential. I'm having a blast. Needless to say I'm filling up a room now with my yarn stash and I have acquired what is affectionately termed a SABLE (Stash acquisition beyond life expectancy)

Plucktober is sort of a track meet for knitters/crocheters/spinners/weavers/felters. All sorts of contests created to encourage the loyal Plucky fan base to create exclusively with Plucky yarn. I decided to dive in and knit my little heart out. I finished 12 projects during the month. 11 of which were actually started in Oct. granted most of them were hats... but I managed to knit over 3,500 yards of yarn over the month. it really has felt like an amazing accomplishment for me. I had a blast. I created a lot of gifts for people dear to me and it really helped push me through to actually finish knitting projects. I am very guilty of starting many of them but then I lose steam and abandon them to the WIP pile only to be frogged later. (works in progress to be taken apart later)

October of course ends with my favorite holiday of the year (besides ALL birthdays ;) HALLOWEEN!! So I ended my month of Plucktober happily knitting away at my last project for the month (it took me till almost midnight to fully finish and weave in all the ends) I was a pretty content witch.

I have no idea as of yet to the contest outcome of Plucktober.... but one thing I have learned the most about my knitting is it's ALL a winning situation because it is ALL about the process. Of course having EPIC yarn to work with doesn't hurt. :)

Already looking forward to next year.

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