Intentional Wellness

Wellness is a matter of choice as much as it is a matter of consciousness. Although genetics and exploitative natural resource management perpetuated by a petroleum-based economy presents challenges to wellness, once acknowledged and embraced we can individually and collectively overcome the environmental and hereditary obstacles to achieving optimum health and vitality.

As with most everything, wellness begins as a state of heart-mind. If we choose to educate and empower ourselves to overcome victim consciousness, then we begin to see Earth as a miraculous, resilient organism that supports a diverse array of miraculous and resilient species, for whom, anything is possible.

As a member of Earth's most high-impact species, it is imperative that we intentionally humanifest wellness in ourselves, our families and our communities for the greater healing of our planet. Each one of us is a microcosm of wellness reflecting overall planetary wellness.

We have the most control over personal wellness. It is no mistake that we feel best when we feel healthy. Feelings drive our motivation. It is our default human nature to be vibrant healthy beings. As every individual chooses to amplify gratitude, positive thoughts, whole organic foods, clean environments, exercise, authentic people, genuine play, forgiveness and compassionate relationships while we intentionally minimize negative thoughts, processed foods, toxic environments, fossil fuel consumption, stress, material-based happiness and ego-centric expectations, we invite wellness into our lives and we spread health and vitality throughout our immediate and expanded worlds.

Holistic Body Therapy is committed to facilitating self-healing and wellness in the individual as true health is an ongoing process, not a destination, which requires empowered individuals who nurture their wellness on a consistent basis. All of the products and services offered through Andrea and HBT are designed with this intention.


Andrea Shanti is a master herbalist and proprietor of Holistic Body Therapy, an internationally distributed line of wild-crafted and plant-based health products. Certified in shamanic studies, yoga, and massage, Andrea leads classes in creative empowerment, natural medicine, knitting, art, massage & breathwork.

Holistic Body Therapy

Hourly rate for services- talks- tours- $108

14 years living in Mt Shasta

Extensive knowledge of the area


Home Detox 

I'm passionate about helping create a healthier and safer home environment for you and your family. 

Synthetic fragrances can have hidden toxins that compromise your immune system and impact your well-being. 

That's where I come in. With my expertise, I'll help you identify and eliminate these harmful substances, freeing your space from their potential health risks. From household cleaning products to personal care items, I'll help uncover the sources of synthetic fragrances that may be making you sick. What makes my services unique is that I offer a sliding scale fee, ensuring that everyone can access the help they need. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a toxin-free home, so you can breathe easier and enjoy a healthier life.





Soul Scent-

Are you ready to embark on a journey of sensory exploration? With our natural perfumes, you can awaken your inner artist as you delve into the world of plant extracts. Essential oils, CO2 extracts, and resins are just a few of the unique ingredients that make up the complex scent profiles of our perfumes. As you breathe in the deep, woody base notes and succumb to the flowery heart notes and light citrusy top notes, your soul will soar with inspiration. It's an opportunity to create a masterpiece that reflects the truest manifestation of your heart's desires. And with Andrea's expert guidance, you can unlock your creative potential and craft a fragrance that is uniquely yours. So why settle for a generic scent when you can create a masterpiece that embodies your very essence? Join us on this olfactory adventure and discover the limitless possibilities of natural perfume. Every participant will have the chance to create their own natural perfume with Andrea’s guidance.

Individual- $333

Group discounts- $111 each 3-12 people



Andrea is a Level 2 Certified Knitting Instructor thru the Craft Yarn Council- Learn a skill that lasts a lifetime-

Cost 2-3 hours class offered seasonally $10-$20 per person

You-Tube knitting tutorials


Artistic Alchemy- 

Exploring Art as a Spiritual Path

The size is between six and 12 participants; no experience is necessary.

Each participant will experience the unfolding of their personal project as a teaching to deepen their spiritual journey through art.

Embarking on the spiritual path of art is a profound experience, and I am here to provide support and guidance as you nurture your soul.

All materials are provided.

1-5 day workshops in painting and textile crafts 

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Cultivating Conscious Transformation:

Discover yourself through everyday ritual  Recognize the power of daily activities and rituals that shape new mindsets.  Intentionally choose or change cues that support healthy habits by identifying your personal key to cultivate a fulfilled life.

1-2 hours class

Mitote Ceremony-

The Mitote Ceremony is a Way to challenge Limiting Beliefs of Possibility

The mitote ceremony is a sacred ritual in dreaming performed through the night. It has been passed down through the various Toltec lineages as a means to transform ones personal dream. It impacts the participant on multiple dimensions.

Minimum 12 people- $88 each

The Intent of the Mitote

There are multiple intents woven together in this ritual designed to push and pull an individual along their transformation.

The first intent of the mitote ceremony is to become lucid in the dream state.

Each time we go to sleep, the mind passes from the waking dream to the sleeping dream. Each time that the mind passes through this dimension of dreaming, we have an opportunity to become aware that the mind is dreaming. This is often referred to as lucid dreaming. When we become aware that the mind is dreaming, we can take control of the dream. We can start to change and influence the dream. In this way the dreamer can practice changing the dream, instead of the dreamer reacting to the dream. Mastery of this aspect of dreaming has many benefits. It especially has benefits in the waking world of our daily life.

One of the easiest ways to become aware that we are dreaming is in the moment that the body falls asleep and the mind continues to dream. We can become aware in other ways, but this is one of the easiest.

During the mitote, there are multiple opportunities to take advantage of this window as we wake periodically during the night and then lay down to sleep again. The mastery of this requires a high degree of awareness.

The second intent is the breaking of patterns and routines.

Most of our actions, thoughts, and emotional responses are patterned routines. These patterns are programs that keep us repeating the same dream. We could say that our actions in this state are unconscious. We do not exercise our freewill in choosing our actions in cases where we are in a patterned reaction. This is the same behavior we often experience in a dream where things are just happening and we are just reacting. We find ourselves just doing things in the dream in reaction, and not consciously choosing an action. We could say that in this experience we are not exercising our freewill. In that place we do not even see a choice. To make a choice, one must first see a choice.

This is similar in the waking dream when we are just reacting or behaving in a patterned routine. For example, did we choose the path that we drove to work. Or, did we just take the same route that we usually take. Our personal power is invested in the these patterned routines. In habits, we lose our opportunity for choice. By breaking the routine we can recover the personal power that we have invested in it. When we have recovered the personal power, we do not have to react. The routine no longer dictates our behavior, and instead we can choose.



Firewalking is an ancient healing ritual that has been practiced for centuries throughout the world. It has re-emerged in the Western culture as a practice for people who are exploring consciousness and personal power. Today over 200,000 people in the U.S. have walked on fire as a means of overcoming fear and limited

belief systems , as an affirmation of our capacity to tap one’s inner source of energy. The ability of ordinary people to walk over 1200 degree coals without getting burned is a dramatic and life-altering example that one's attitude can greatly affectone's interactions with the world.

The firewalk at the end of the seminar is completely optional. Even if you do not walk, this empowering seminar will change your life and open your mind to your unlimited potential.

Cost varies on season- $100- $150 per person (3-4 hours)