Andrea Shanti

Andrea Shanti in Garden

Andrea Shanti is a mother, artist and herbal alchemist. Andrea relies upon her physical and intuitive senses to collaborate with natural rhythms, and produces the finest in herbal body-care products. Continually learning and growing, Andrea inspires and facilitates self-healing in the body-mind-spirit of her clients and community.

Over the last twenty five years, Andrea has apprenticed with world-renowned herbalists such as Christopher Hobbs and Kami McBride at the Living Awareness Institute and Robin Martin of Olala Farms. Expanding her practices of alchemy and business, Andrea deepened her shamanic studies with Peggy Dylan at Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education and Heather Ash at the Toltec Center for Creative Intent. 

When it comes to expression through the arts, Andrea is multi faceted.  Knitting was a revolution of love for Andrea.  When she picks up the needles, it's hard for her to put them down.  Consistently inspired, Andrea has created patterns for beautiful knitted wonders, and she is always 'finishing this one row.'.  Andrea discovered another expression of love through painting sacred symbols when she studied with Paul Heussenstamm and Autumn Skye Morrison.  Andrea developed a deep connection with soul art and capturing the beauty of her own back yard with photographs of Mt. Shasta and the environs. 

Her hands, head and heart unite to embody and radiate joyous health
and beauty through plant-based therapies, visual reminders of loving landscapes and luxurious scentuality.  Andrea is gifted with heightened sensual perception, categorical precision and the intuition to serve the benefit of all beings. 

Andrea lives with her husband Brian and 2 sons Bela and TK in Mount Shasta, where she paints, knits, and maintains her Holistic Body Therapy business.

Andrea Shanti's Apothecary