Andrea Shanti

Andrea Shanti in Garden

Meet Andrea Shanti, a passionate individual who wears multiple hats as a mother, artist, and herbal enthusiast. With a deep respect for nature's rhythms, Andrea crafts exquisite herbal body-care products that come to life through her physical and intuitive senses. She finds immense joy in inspiring and supporting the self-healing journey of her clients and community.

Andrea Shanti embarked on her holistic journey in 1992 when she enrolled at the esteemed Desert School of Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona. It was there that she honed her skills and became a licensed holistic practitioner, focusing on addictions recovery and sports massage. Seeking to deepen her knowledge, Andrea traveled to Thailand to attend the renowned International Training Massage program led by Chongol Settakorn. For Andrea, massage has been a profound catalyst for personal transformation and has paved the way for countless other positive changes in her life.

Throughout her journey, Andrea has been fortunate to study under esteemed herbalists such as Christopher Hobbs, Kami McBride, and Robin Martin. Expanding her practices of alchemy and business, Andrea deepened her shamanic studies with Peggy Dylan at Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education and Heather Ash at the Toltec Center for Creative Intent.  Such learnings have shaped her into the compassionate healer she is today.

When it comes to artistic expression, Andrea's talents are diverse. Knitting has become a profound act of love for her, as she becomes enthralled with her needles and creates intricate patterns for beautiful knitted pieces, always eager to complete the next row. In her exploration of painting, Andrea found solace in studying with renowned artists like Paul Heussenstamm and Autumn Skye Morrison. She discovered the beauty of capturing her surroundings, particularly the majestic Mt. Shasta, through her soulful photographs.

Andrea's true essence shines through the unity of her hands, head, and heart, as she radiates joyous health and beauty through her plant-based therapies, visual reminders of cherished landscapes, and captivating scents. Blessed with heightened sensory perception, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep intuition, Andrea is dedicated to serving the well-being of all beings.

Andrea lives with her husband Brian and 2 sons Bela and TK in Mount Shasta, where she paints, knits, and maintains her Holistic Body Therapy business.

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