What People are Saying- 

Andrea Shanti makes great products for health and wholeness. I use her anti-viral honey exclusively in my practice, and I find it very effective in a variety of applications. The ingredients are of the highest strength and purity, and the formulation is very well thought out and prepared. you can feel the Prana/ Lifeforce in all of her products. shelf life is amazingly long as well! looking forward to more awesome products in the future.
Jah Levi
Director-The Center for Quantum Healing & Transformation)

I love Holistic Body Therapy products! The two things I love the most are the Shea Butter Herbal Lipglow and the Anti-Viral Honey. One of the top three reasons I go to Earthdance every year is to stock up on these two things. I usually run out of one or the other or both by late July and am so sad until I get to Earthdance and can stock up. The Lipglow is a daily product for me and I have many in each color. I shamelessly push them upon my friends and many of them are hooked now as well. When I leave them with my friends, they certainly are NOT given back! And I have seen the Anti-Viral honey bring people back from the dead at Burning Man and on my many travels. It is particularly helpful when you are under stress from traveling, partying or are working too hard in harsh environments. There are parts of the year that I use it daily. I really credit the Lipglow with making me more beautiful and the Anti-Viral Honey with keeping me happy and healthy no matter what environment I am in!
All my best,
Katie Jo

"I am so grateful for Andrea's Alchemic magik! Her products are full of delicious smells and nurturing goodness. It is so important that the products we put on our skin are free of harmful chemicals, as our skin absorbs harmful additives taking it straight into our blood stream, not to mention aging our skin! Andrea's products are truly my favorite!"
Dr. Amelia Hardwick

Andrea's products are exquisitely crafted. The scents are very complex and layered - over the course of an hour of wearing one of her oil creations you will have many different scent experiences, and the scent experience will change form day to day. Her skin care creams are incredibly rich and soothing without being greasy. The quality level is truly the best that I have found. All the ingredients are very thoughtful and full of benefits.
I love a wide variety of her scents -Any of the line with the scent Lushes is a favorite - the mister just brings a smile on the most hectic of days.
Alexandra Wintersteller

Holistic Body Therapy provides quality and delicious taste on all levels for our entire family. From the extremely effective Anti-viral Honey, to the decadent Skin Cremes, to the powerful Herbal Tinctures, to the mouth watering Sipping Syrups. We are extremely grateful that Andrea Shanti dips her healing magic into every drop!
Gra-el Corsini
(owner Flying Lotus of Mt Shasta and priestess of Avalon)

I mix Gaia Blood tea with traditional Chai each morning before I set out for a 45 minute run around our local reservoir, sipping as i go along. I am nourished and inspired and my blood pressure has resumed its healthy status. I can't attribute cause, only acknowledge that it is an inspired ingredient in my daily life
Terry Hunt

Andrea makes the most magnificent bodycare products on the planet- a scent for every occasion- infusing the planet with love.
Aradhana Silvermoon
(musician, preistess of light)

We love your prodcuts, they are beautiful works of art and we enjoyed every moment rubbing baby belly butter on my lady's belly before the birth, talking about what we're going to do, what we dream about, how our baby is going to be ... after he was born, baby calm mister and oil has come in real handy and is a part of our daily routine. Remedy is probably the most effective salve I have ever used in my life. It took care of a burn in less than a day, removed rashes and pimples and is just plain awesome. Your anti-viral honey is a daily part of our lives as well, i love the taste and I put it in her tea, my water, her milk, my coffee basically anything we drink might get a lil chopstick of honey. Truly, your work is wonderful.
Sascha Matsuzak

"Andrea is a true herbal alchemist, all of her elixirs are fit for gods and goddesses. Using her lip balm is like kissing honey coated flowers."
Sasha Butterfly Rose
(musician, faerie goddess)


I Just got the package and I am really overcome. I tore it open, opened the massage oil first, and it brought me to tears. It could NOT be MORE perfect. Honestly, you are the best of all possible magicians. You channel some kind of universal healing energy. And I love the bottle and the words and everything. Thank you for your kindness and grace and generosity. I am really in genuine awe." Rose McDermot


"Andrea! I just wanted to share a little story with you that involves your heart chakra spray. I used the tester just before doing the sweat lodge on saturday a few weeks ago at stewart mineral springs and set my intention to open my heart chakra during the sweat and when the door was opened to allow more hot rocks to be brought in the girl sitting in front/beside me exclaimed "what happened to your necklace?!" and I said "I'm not wearing one" and she said "wow! I thought you had a green glow in the dark pendant on because I looked over at you and even though it was pitch black and I couldn't see your face or anything I saw a little green glowing light right here" and she pointed to the spot where my heart chakra is!! isn't that amazing!? I thought so...thanks for making such yummy stuff!" Michelle Menczkoski


I, and now WE, Thank You!   As you might recall, when ordering in the past, I've shared with you that I've been pleased to provide your "honey" to so many friends, neighbors and family...many of whom live out of state.  I truly have appreciated the "integrity" and "reliability" of your holistic product to help so many of us through the cold and flu season, or just to boost the immune system for our "youngsters" and our "more mature".  :))     My goal has been to let others try it for themselves with the hope that they too may become your "longtime" customers.    Again, Thank You for the well wishes, and most assuredly, THANK YOU for your product - "The Honey" !!!

With Blessings & Hugs,

Patricia B

Thank you, Andrea, and I so appreciate your chemistry with herbs to have created Euphoria. It has enhanced my concept of my Self and my sensuality, not to mention my relationship. Note: I am 72 years old. 😊 Linea

"Andrea is a master at her craft. Having been in the field of healing Arts for twenty five years it’s rare that I come across someone who is both highly skilled and continues to grow creatively. Her bodywork is phenomenal and her Hollistic Body Therapy line is unparalleled in quality and alchemical inspiration. I love everything Andrea! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜" Jessica Fagan


Andrea is a very talented alchemist. Her line of products are pure magic! I’ve had such amazing results with her products. Her products opened doors for me, they are some of the first I used with real essential oils and healing herbal medicine.

The Baby Calm spray is amazing and I’ve used to help calm my kids in many situations. 

Another favorite I use all the time is her Remedy, I use to in bits, scrapes, dry skin.... Chelsey B