Mount Shasta Retreats

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Mt. Shasta is the best place to immerse yourself in healing waters and visit many of her gorgeous landscapes. Mt. Shasta is a revered area of California, known for the majesty of the natural surroundings which create year round outdoor experiences.  Hiking in the warmer months, snow sports in the colder months, lakes to visit, flowers to gather--

the Shasta Valley equally invites the adventure sports lover and the wildflower collector.   


Who lives in the Mount Shasta area?    

The Mount Shasta area draws a lively spectrum of folks from all walks of life and age groups.  One thing that is prevalent in the community is a love of nature and an interest in tapping into larger patterns of the natural world.  The joy of sunbathing on a hot rock and then diving into a emerald pool of pristine alpine water is magical!   Many tales have been told about the mountain, as it is a destination for mystics, gurus, sages and curious people from all over the world. Those who live here will tell you stories of encounters with the alien race, the Lemurians, the hidden city of Telos, Saint Germaine and alien landings.  People report a certain feeling that comes with being in the presence of Mount Shasta’s special energy vortex. Ancient cultures considered these vortices portals to a higher dimension of consciousness. It blesses those who live here, reminding them to live with gratitude, humility and an earthly sense of majesty.

What is the connection of your root chakra and Mount Shasta?

Mount Shasta is often seen as representing the root chakra of Mother Earth.  Some of the keywords for the root chakra or muladhara, are survival, security, support, stability, courage, grounding, and self-healing.  These themes are resonant for me in my experience of living here for many years.  When I say that I feel grounded in my body, I feel myself on this earth.  It means that I feel centered and balanced, no matter what is going on around me. I have strengthened my spiritual awareness about my physical being, increasing my ability to understand what nourishes and nurtures me.  


The community that gathers near Mount Shasta fosters expressions of  individuality as well as a feeling of belonging, which are aspects of a healthy root chakra.  The root chakra is connected to the pursuit of sensuality, as it is the base of support for life.  We have all witness that a flower is able to bloom to its fullest potential with strong roots.