Winter Art Kitchen Project 2015

It was kinda of another sad winter here in Mt Shasta. No snow at the lower elevations second year in a row. I never thought that sun would ever make me depressed...but I've come to long for the full 4 seasons and to not have a real winter again! Normally I would have taken this on in the summer...but I am kinda crazy.

Here is the before pic...


First of course was the paint job...sunshine yellow (always my favorite for kitchens) and a bright terracotta orange.

 Then I had a blast choosing all the tiles for the mosaic work...a lot of samples amidst a rainbow palette. The design work took FAR longer than I 4 months. Of course there was a lot of procrastination in there...but it was spread out in my living room the WHOLE time...(thanks BK for your patience :) It became a mathematical formula within a grid to make it all lay out right and pull it off. I kept getting overwhelmed


 Here is Monica Zinda helping with the knock out of the old decorative tiles. She was my consultant for the project...couldn't have done it with out her. check out her website...she has so much experience and fantastic ideas...MoonShine Mosaics


 Brian did a bunch of re-wiring...not only to add a gas line to bring in propane...but to move an electrical outlet that was positioned right behind where we put the stove. We moved the outlet to in the counter top.

And viola!...Rainbow kitchen! 

my favorite place to hang out indoors!

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