Basic Essential Oils

Basic Essential Oils

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Baby Calm

To create a peaceful atmosphere and promote balance and harmony. 
Ingredients: organic lavender, blue chamomile & sweet orange


To increase mental alertness and promote focus and concentration. 
Ingredients: rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, ginger & clove


Formulated to stimulate the metabolic function of the liver, has a beneficial action on stress plagued digestive tract and emphasizes detoxification. 
Ingredients: rosemary verbenone, thyme thymol, tarragon, lemongrass, birch, cypress & helichrysum 


For greater receptivity of spiritual guidance in dream life
Ingredients: lavender, litsea, hops & mugwort w/ angelica & star tulip


To create a safe atmosphere and promote soul healing and recovery. 
Ingredients: pine, cedar, cypress, fir, spruce & frankincense

Loose Muscle

To relieve tension, relax tight muscles, and support well-being and tranquility
Ingredients: lavender, marjoram, fresh ginger, and blue tansy


To create a serene atmosphere and enhance all intuitive capacities. 
Ingredients: clary sage, frankincense & vetiver 

Mama Soothe 

For peace and relaxation throughout pregnancy and labor
Ingredients: lavender, roman chamomile, geranium and tangerine 


To create a fresh, positive atmosphere and promote mental integrity. 
Ingredients: thyme, peppermint, juniper, spearmint & oakmoss


To create a bright atmosphere and promote a sparkling vital force. 
Ingredients: lavender, ylang-ylang, rosemary & peppermint


To restore youthful vigor.
Ingredients: lavender, rosemary, tangerine & bergamot


Rescue is like a gentle embrace from a benevolent force, a comforting presence that offers a safe haven in times of need. It is the soothing balm that eases anxiety and quells fears, the steadfast companion that offers unwavering support and encouragement. The blend of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and thyme evokes a sense of calm and clarity, helping to balance the mind and body. With its gentle yet powerful properties, Rescue is a true friend in times of trouble, a beacon of hope and light in the darkness.

Lavender is known for its calming and soothing effects on the mind and body, reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. It can also help with headaches, insomnia, and pain relief.

Tea tree is a powerful natural antiseptic, making it ideal for treating skin conditions such as acne, cuts, and burns. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it useful in fighting infections.

Eucalyptus is commonly used for its respiratory benefits, helping to clear sinuses and ease symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. It also has analgesic properties, which can help relieve muscle and joint pain.

Thyme is known for its antibacterial properties and has been traditionally used to treat respiratory infections and coughs. It can also be beneficial for digestive issues and has antioxidant properties.

Together, these four ingredients create a powerful blend that can help soothe and heal the mind and body.

To supply protection when defenses are low. 
Ingredients: lavender, tea tree eucalyptus & thyme



Great to clean the house!
Ingredients: 100% organic lemon, eucalyptus & pine



Perfect for any type of sauna or steam room
Ingredients: 100% organic eucalyptus, rosemary & pine


Great for diffusers and steaming- 100% Mount Shasta Grown and Distilled! 
Ingredients: 100% organic lavender, peppermint, oregano, thyme & melissa


To create a lively atmosphere and promote energetic creativity
Ingredients: orange, tangerine, ginger, cardamom & grapefruit


To support cleansing and the immune system
Ingredients: pure organic essential oils of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, tea tree & rosemary 




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