Salt Glows - Premium

Salt Glows - Premium

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Due to Covid Restrictions and limited supplies, there is a shortage of bulk salt- Stay tuned

All Salt Glows contain - sea salts, baking soda, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, vitamin e, essential oils & petals of calendula, lavender & rose.

I use the salt glows regularly as part of my health and bathing ritual.
They are especially good if you are doing any kind of cleanse or detox.
They are a body scrub- exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing.
I take a handful at the end of my shower
(I either stop the water or step out of the stream)
and rub it all over my body (except the genitals and face)
and then just rinse off.
Afterwards, I do my best to air & pat dry otherwise all your towels will become soaked with oil over time.
I keep a squirt bottle of strong liquid soap like Dr. Bronner's and squirt it around the floor of the shower or tub so it doesn't stay slick from the oil--and it supports pipe health.
When I can, I use it outside in my outdoor shower!

The salt scrub is more detoxifying and an invigorating experience, while the
sugar scrub is gentle and soft for a more nourishing and sensual experience.

Amma Salt Glow

Divine Blessings from the Mother

w/ essential oils of rose, frankincense & sandalwood

Harmony Salt Glow

For Harmonious Happy Hormones

w/ essential oils of clary sage, bergamot and ylang ylang

Joli Salt Glow

w/ essential oils of jasmine, lime, ginger and sandalwood

Mastery Salt Glow

Pure nectar of the GODS

w/ essential oils of blood orange, fir balsam and sandalwood


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